The official publication of:

The Academy of Operative Dentistry,
The American Academy of Gold Foil Operators, and
The Academy of R V Tucker Study Clubs

written word

Operative Dentistry-

continues as the premier journal for its discipline. The rapid increase in manuscript submissions from internationally recognized researchers is verification of our status (682 from 37 countries in 2011). The Institute for Scientific Information, which evaluates over 7,300 journals in 60 countries, currently ranks us 28th in impact factor out of 77 in our ISI category. This places us in the top half of ranked periodicals…higher than the British Dental Journal, Quintessence International, the Journal of Prosthetic Dentistry and the International Dental Journal.

electronic word

Operative Dentistry-

recognizes and embraces the trend that print media increasingly will be provided in digital format. We have been proactive in providing content online, and are now preparing to provide content in newer formats that are friendly for tablets and other portable devices. An enhanced site with mobile capabilities will launch this year, and members of our parent academies have access to full issue PDFs. Our articles appear online as soon as they have been typeset, keeping the dental community current with the latest research, tips and techniques available.

historical word

Operative Dentistry-

knows the importance of the foundations that have been built for all Operative Dentists; and therefore is committed to providing archive content to the dental community. The precursor to Operative Dentistry is available as The Journal of The American Academy of Gold Foil Operators (1958-1975). Material from Operative Dentistry starting in 1976 will be made available as well. These offerings will allow operators to find the tips, tricks and theories laid out by the founders of our profession to help them in their practices.