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All reviewers are greatly appreciated and are recognized as mambers of the Reviewer Board on the journal website; in addition, Reviewer Board Members are recognized at the end of each year in the journal in issue 6.  Reviewer Board Members are expected to be available to review to completion up to 6 original manuscripts per year and to attend an annual meeting, either in person or by proxy, held in conjunction with the Annual Session of the Academy of Operative Dentistry.  All reviewers are requested to keep their online profile up-to-date with areas of review interest and dates of availability.

When submitting a review, please evaluate the suitability of the manuscript you have reviewed for publication in Operative Dentistry.

Rate the manuscript in one of the following four categories:

Please provide as many specific comments and suggestions as possible. These are required, and are extremely helpful to the editor in the final decision-making process and to the authors in possibly improving the quality of their paper. The following should be considered in formulating your comments:


You are not asked to make a thorough English edit of the manuscript.  However, identifying English errors that make it difficult to understand the meaning of the writing is entirely appropriate.  If significant English editing is required, please indicate that in your comments and a request will be made to the authors to obtain that editing.


The journal has the option of accepting a manuscript for e-publication only.  This option may be appropriate for lengthy review papers, low priority information or confirmatory studies worthy of publishing, but not displacing other manuscripts that should go to press.  A recommendation to accept for e-publication only is an appropriate reviewer recommendation in the confidential comments to the editor.