All submitted manuscripts will be subject to the possibility of online only publication on our online journal site: These e-pub articles will be paginated with an "e" prefix and will carry a fully citable DOI number. If you are not interested in the possibility of having your paper published online only, please do not submit your manuscript to us. Your authorization to allow us to e-publish will help us to publish manuscripts even faster than we have in the past.


Our goal is to have a manuscript through the review process (submission to acceptance) in 2 months and from acceptance to publication within 6 months. Please feel free to send any questions about this policy to


We will need your text file (original word processing file in Word) in order to size your manuscript accurately. Our system will automatically merge the text file that you upload with the figure and table files, to make one article file PDF. This allows editors and reviewers to view and/or download your manuscript in one easy step. If any of your figures are illegible, or the figure sizes are too large or small (see below), your submission will be returned to you so that you can fix these problems. Your manuscript will only be considered officially submitted after it has been approved through our initial quality control check, and these problems (if any) have been fixed.


You will have 6 days from when you start the process to submit and approve the manuscript. After the 6 day limit, if you have not finished the submission, your submission will be subject to removal from the server. You are still able to submit the manuscript, but you must start from the beginning.


Please be sure that you have all items listed below before you start the submission process.



Before submitting a manuscript, please gather the following information:

· All Authors

· First Names, Middle Names/Initials, Last Names


· Title and Running Title (you can cut and paste this from your manuscript). Running title: This is simply a shorter version of the title used on following pages and in our database for reports, etc.

· Clinical Relevance Statement. This is required to submit and should appear in both the manuscript data field when entering initial info, as well as being part of the manuscript text document.

· Abstract (you can cut and paste this from your manuscript).

· Manuscript files and Tables in Word. (Please include your abstract and figure captions in the text file.)

· References must be numbered (superscripted Arabic numerals...1, 2, 3 etc.) consecutively as they appear in the text and, where applicable, they should appear after punctuation. For examples, refer to the “Instructions to Authors” page at

· For printing purposes, we require that your figure files be in TIFF, or JPG formats and be uploaded separately as source files, not PDF files. You may not embed the figures, graphs or tables in the manuscript

· Photographs submitted to Operative dentistry must be unretouched; they may be cropped, annotated and/or aggregated with other photos, but each photo must remain unretouched.

· Figures must be of publication quality with the following parameters:

The manuscript text must not contain any author identifying information, no names and addresses, no acknowledgements, no ethics board information, etc. These items are entered separately during the process, and will be merged into the final document by the computer. Any manuscripts with identifying information in the main manuscript file will be sent back to the author for correction. Remember, our peer review is double blind in order to provide our readers with the highest quality data possible.


· After pressing the "Continue" button, you will be presented with a screen that gathers detailed information about your manuscript and allows you to upload the pertinent files. There are four main parts to the submission process:

· Files
· Manuscript Information
· Validate
· Submit

The Files and Manuscript Information parts are divided into tabs of information to complete. If you begin at the first tab and use the on screen prompts and the “Next” button, the system will prompt you to move through the entire process. You can fill out the information in any order and can save and exit if needed and return later.


Once you have uploaded your files and entered your manuscript information, you will move to the Validate step. Here you will verify that your manuscript files and information are correct by approving them. The system will also check through your information and prompt you to correct any inaccuracies. Once the validation is completed and all of the required information has been filled out, you will use the Submit part to send your manuscript to the Editorial Office for review. The office will review for adherence to the submission guidelines, grant their approval if all items are entered correctly, in which case the manuscript goes to the Editor for a review decision; or the office will return the manuscript to the author with instructions as to what needs to be corrected in order to pass initial quality checks.