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Who we are:

Operative Dentistry is a refereed, international journal published bi-monthly and distributed to subscribers in over 60 countries. In 2010, we printed 93 articles (697 pages) in the categories of Clinical Research, Laboratory Research, Clinical Techniques/Case Presentations and Invited Papers, as well as Editorials and Abstracts. One of the strong points of our journal is that our current publication time for accepted manuscripts is 5 months or less from the date of submission. Clinical Techniques/Case Presentations have a very quick turn around time, which allows for very rapid publication of clinical based concepts. We also provide color for those papers that would benefit from its use. The journal does not accept any advertising but you will find postings for faculty positions. Additionally, the journal also does not rent, sell or otherwise allow its subscriber list to be used by any other entity.

We have an Editorial Board of over 150 reviewers from private practice, academics, research, the military and organized dentistry, who provide critical reviews and suggestions for improvement of all submitted manuscripts. Their efforts maintain the outstanding quality of our publication and our rejection rate is roughly 85+% which attests to the great sense of responsibility they maintain for our readership.

Operative Dentistry is the premier journal for our discipline and last year we received 418 manuscript submissions from internationally recognized researchers from the U.S. and more than 35 other countries. The Institute for Scientific Information, which evaluates journals from over 3,000 publishers in 60 countries, continues to rank our publication very highly in the category "Dentistry/Oral Surgery & Medicine". Of the 40+ journals in that category, we have ranked consistently in the upper half and have been as high as 5th. We can also take pride in the accuracy of the journal. Every reference in each article is compared with Advanced Medline listings to ensure that author, title, date of publication, journal volume and issue and page numbers are correct. We also ensure that any citation in the text of an article is listed in the bibliography and vice versa.

Operative Dentistry timeline

2011 – Online early content posted.  Articles available to the public weeks instead of months after acceptance

2010 – Archive content posted online older than three years becomes open access

2008 – All archive content became searchable / AAGFO archive became available / Pricing structure changed to

              allow online only subscribers

2007 – Virtual Network added as a subscription option giving worldwide access to subscribing Institutions

2006 – Full Text articles available on line for subscribers, RV Tucker Academy added as a sponsoring academy

2005 – Significant pricing structure change to accommodate online access

2004 – Archive became electronic

2003 – Operative Dentistry Offices went paperless 

1999 – Moved to Indiana University

1976 – First issue as Operative Dentistry published with Academy of Operative Dentistry and AAGFO as

sponsoring organizations.  Housed at University of Washington

1958 – First issue published as the Journal of the American Academy of Gold Foil Operators (AAGFO)